About the Artist

John Allison Campbell, born 1950 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA, started his musical career as a guitarist in Philadelphia. After a period as an autodidact in harmony and counterpoint, he took up formal studies in musical composition in Philadelphia, finishing them in Berlin, Germany. As a freelance composer, he has created an oeuvre that includes orchestral music, lieder, chamber music and opera. Among the ensembles with which he has had collaborations are the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Stuttgart Ballet, Theater des Westens Berlin and the Opera Bonn (Ballet).

In February 2005, Cambiamenti, a CD comprised of several of Campbell’s chamber music works, was released by the record label primTON. Moreover, Campbell is the author of a number of essays and magazine-articles in German, published in book form under the title Wellenlaengen in the autumn of 2011 by the Frieling-Verlag Berlin. A review of the book is available online in the magazine Das Orchester.

John Allison Campbell currently lives with his wife and child in Germany.