Curriculum Vitae

Born: 1950 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA.

Family Status: Married with one child.


1985Summer-course in Composition at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy.
1982-86Composition studies at the Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin (HdK).
Diploma dated July 8, 1986. Mark “sehr gut (well done)”.
1977-81Composition studies at Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts (PCPA).
Diploma (Bachelor of Music) dated May 18, 1981. Mark: summa cum laude.
1974-77Private lessons in Composition from Ronald Thomas in Philadelphia.
Autodidactic studies in Counterpoint and Harmony.
1973-77Private lessons in Guitar from Pat Martino and William Walton in Philadelphia.
1968-72Engineering studies at Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Membership in academic honour societies.
1956-68Schooling. Diploma from Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA.

Teaching Activities:

2004-Private instruction for Composition, Music Theory and Ear Training.
1995-2004Guest docent of Symphonic Orchestration at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.
1994Guest lectures on Instrumentation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.
1992-96Docent at the HdK Berlin for Instrumentation (Symphonic Orchestration).
1992-95Docent at the Volkshochschule Berlin-Wilmersdorf: “From the New World”- Music of the USA.
1991-2001Teacher of Composition, Music Theory and Ear-training at the Music School in Berlin- Wilmersdorf (after 2001 Berlin/Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf).
1984-90Private instruction for Guitar, Piano and Harmony.
1978-81Tutor at PCPA for Ear Training, Harmony and English.

Compositions and Arrangements (selection):

2012Cambiamenti III, Op.19 for Tenor Saxophone.
2009Meditation, Op.18 No.1 for Harp solo.
Psalm 85, Op.18 No.2 for Baritone or Mezzo-soprano, Chorus and Organ, commissioned by the Guardini Stiftung.
Confiteantur tibi (Psalm 67), Op.17 for Chorus and Organ.
2008Linguae tamquam ignis, Op.16 for two Organs.
Intermezzo for Violin and Piano.
2007Serenata No.2, Op.15 for Guitar and Violoncello (or Bassoon or Bass clarinet).
2006Serenata No.1, Op. 8a for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (or Violin, Viola and Piano).
2004-10Symphony No.2, Op.14 for Chorus and Orchestra (“Lux mundi”).
2001-04Lieder, Op.13, full-evening song-cycle for baritone and piano (Hesse).
2000Orchestral arrangements for the Stuttgart Ballet.
1999-2000Woodwind Quintet, Op.12 (Cambiamenti II).
1998Composition commissioned by D. Weber-Wulff: Introitus et Fuga, Op.10 for organ.
Composition commissioned by G. Ahrens: Fluegel (Ahrens) for soprano, baritone and piano.
1997-99Symphony No.1, Op.11, for large orchestra (commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra).
1996Sonata for Guitar, Op.9.
1995Speculum vitae, Op.7 for mixed chorus a cappella.
1994Serenata No.1, Op.8 for flute, clarinet and guitar (or Violin, Viola and Guitar).
1993Composition commissioned by the concert series “Unheard-of-Music”: Bassoon Quintet, Op.6 (Cambiamenti I).
1992Composition commissioned by the Senate of Berlin: Clarinet Sonata, Op.5.
1991Composition commissioned by D. Wietschorke: Lieder, Op.3 (Hesse).
1989Arrangements for the Opera Bonn (Ballet).
1988Fantasia Orientale, Op.2 for large ochestra and women’s voices.
1987Composition commissioned by the Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft: The Sleep of Children (Kift), studies to the chamber-opera The Common Good.
1986-91The Common Good, Op.4, chamber-opera.
1985Sonata IX, Op.1, orchestration of Scriabin’s Piano Sonata No.9 for the ballet-piece Poème de l’extase.
1981Composition commissioned by the ensemble RELÂCHE for the concert series “Emerging Composers” in Philadelphia: Chamber Songs (Wojton) for soprano, violoncello and piano.

Performances (selection):

2012Cambiamenti III, Op.19 for Tenor Saxophone, première in Berlin (Detlef Bensmann).
2011Symphony No.2, Op.14 (Lux Mundi) for Chorus and Orchestra, première in Berlin (Berliner Konzertchor und Orchester, Jan Olberg, cond., Yvonne Friedli, Sop.).
2009Psalm 85, Op.18 No.2 for Baritone or Mezzo-soprano, Chorus and Organ, première in Berlin by Burkhard von Puttkamer, Lichtenberger Kantatenchor (Matthias Elger, cond.) and Lothar Knappe.
Confiteantur tibi (Psalm 67), Op.17 for Chorus and Organ, première in Berlin by Frauen-Vokalensemble St. Matthaeus (Lothar Knappe, cond.) and Ulrich Luedering.
2008Linguae tamquam ignis, Op.16, première in Berlin (St. Matthew's Church in the Cultural Forum).
Serenata No.1, Op.8a, première in Berlin (Wirsching, Müller-Velte, Lisius).
2004Sonata for Guitar, Op.9, première in Giessen, Germany (Paul Bowman).
2001Symphony No.1, Op.11, première in Detroit (Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Jaervi, cond.).
Woodwind Quintet, Op.12 (Cambiamenti II), première in Berlin (Musagetes-Quintett Berlin, incl. Maike Wegener).
1998Introit and Fugue, Op.10, première in Berlin (Methodist Church, Berlin-Friedenau).
1997Serenata No.1, Op.8, première in Berlin (concert series “Unheard-of-Music”).
1996Speculum vitae, Op.7, première in Berlin (ars-nova-ensemble Berlin).
1995Bassoon Quintet, Op.6 (Cambiamenti I), première in Berlin (Concert Hall of the HdK).
1994Lieder, Op.3 (Die Blauen), première in Berlin (concert series “Unheard-of-Music”).
Clarinet Sonata, Op.5, première in Berlin (Konzerthaus/Musikclub).
1989Fantasia Orientale, Op.2, première in Berlin (Berliner Aerzte-Orchester).
1986Sonata IX, Op.1, première in the Grand Hall of the State Theatre in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Stuttgart Ballet).
Voices of America, songs for baritone and ensemble, performance in Philadelphia (Relâche).
1982Chamber Songs, première in the Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia (Relâche).
1981Three Songs (Ott), performance in the Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia.

Media Productions:

2005Release of the CD Cambiamenti by the record label primTON.
2003-04Recordings for the CD-production Cambiamenti at tonus arcus.
2002Concert-recording of the Symphony No.1 broadcast by more than 300 American radio stations.
1993Radio broadcast of the Clarinet Sonata.

Journalistic and Literary Activities:

2011Publication of book Wellenlaengen, essays on contemporary music, by Frieling-Verlag, Berlin.
1997-Essays about Music und Musicians authored and published.
1991-93Occasional publications in the „Neue Berlinische Musikzeitung (New Berlin Music Magazine)“.

Practical Experience:

1997-2004Singer in the Berlin Concert Choir (occasional individual projects).
1980-81Director of the chamber-music ensemble DASEIN in Philadelphia.
Conducting assistant for the ABC Boys’ Choir (at PCPA).
1977-78Singer in PCPA-Chorus. Appearance with the Philadelphia Orchestra/Riccardo Muti (Coro di morti – G. Petrassi).
1967-78Guitarist in Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Big Bands in Philadelphia.

Scholarships and Honours:

1969Pi Epsilon.
1970Chi Epsilon.
1972Tau Beta Pi.
1977-81PCPA Scholarship.
1980-81Theodore Presser Scholarship.
1990Pennsylvania Composers’ Conference Fellowship.
1992Stipend of the Senatsverwaltung fuer kuenstlerische Angelegenheiten der Stadt Berlin.