Catalogue of Works


Symphony No.2, including Magnificat and Lux aeterna, op.14 for Chorus and Orchestra “Lux mundi”, 3232 4231 tmp pc pno str, premiered October 2011 in Berlin by the Berliner Konzertchor und Orchester (Jan Olberg, cond., Yvonne Friedli, Sop.) ~50’

Symphony No.1 op.11, 3333 4331 tmp pc str, commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, premiered March 2001 in Detroit (Neeme Jaervi, cond.), 35’

Fantasia Orientale op.2 for Orchestra with Women’s Chorus or Two Soloists, 3232 4331 tmp pc sop alt str, premiered February 1989 in Berlin by the Berliner Aerzte-Orchester (Kevin McCutcheon, cond.), 15’

Sonata IX op.1 (Scriabin/Campbell), 3333 4431 tmp pc cel 2harp str, premiered January 1986 in Stuttgart by the Stuttgart Ballet (James Tuggle, cond.), 9’

Contraire 2222 4231 tmp pc harp str, 4’

Chamber Music (Instrumental):

Cambiamenti III op.19 for Tenor Saxophone, premiered April 2012 in Berlin by Detlef Bensmann, 6'.

Meditation op.18 no.1 for Harp solo, commissioned by the Guardini Stiftung, premiered November 2009 in Berlin by Katharina Hanstedt, 6'.

Linguae tamquam ignis op.16 for Two Organs, premiered September 2008 in Berlin by Liana Narubina and Lothar Knappe, 6’

Serenata No.2 op.15 for Violoncello or Bassoon and Guitar or Piano, 10’

Woodwind Quintet op.12 (Cambiamenti II), premiered July 2001 in Berlin by the Musagetes-Quintett Berlin, 30’

Introitus et Fuga op.10 for Organ, commissioned by D. Weber-Wulff, premiered July 1998 in Berlin by Albrecht Guendel-vom Hofe, 6’

Sonata for Guitar op.9, premiered April 2004 in Giessen by Paul Bowman, 30’

Serenata No.1 op.8 for Flute, Clarinet and Guitar (or Violin, Viola and Guitar), premiered May 1997 in Berlin by Ensemble 5+1, 9’<(/p>

Serenata No.1 op.8a for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (or Violin, Viola and Piano), 9’

Bassoon Quintet op.6 (Cambiamenti I) for Bassoon and String Quartet, commissioned by the concert series “Unerhoerte Musik (Unheard-of-Music)”, premiered March 1993 in Berlin, 15’

Clarinet Sonata op.5 (Blaue Saele), commissioned by the Berlin Senate, premiered March 1994 in Berlin by Stephan Landgrebe, Clar., and Cornelia Weyhmann, Pno., 27’

Chamber Music (Vocal):

Lieder op.13 (Hesse) for Baritone and Piano, ~85’

Fluegel (Ahrens) for Soprano, Baritone and Piano, commissioned by G. Ahrens, 6’

Lieder op.3 (Die Blauen (Hesse) for Soprano and Piano, commissioned by D. Wietschorke, premiered February 1994 in Berlin by Dagmar Wietschorke, Sop., and Philip Mayers, Pno., 10’

The Sleep of Children (Kift) for Mezzo-soprano and Piano, commissioned by the Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft, premiered March 1987 in Ludwigshafen by Aurelia Hajek and Axel Bauni, 11’

Voice of America (Whitman et al.) for Baritone, Saxophone, Percussion and Contrabass, premiered July 1986 in Philadelphia by Relâche, Forberg, 12’

Chamber Songs (Wojton) for Soprano, Flute, Violoncello and Piano, commissioned by the concert series “Emerging Composers”, premiered April 1982 in Philadelphia by Relâche, 10’

Three Songs (Ott) for Tenor and Piano, premiered November 1981 in Philadelphia, 8’

Chamber Music (Choral):

Psalm 85 op.18, no. 2 for Baritone, Women’s Chorus and Organ or for Mezzo-soprano, Mens’s Chorus and Organ, commissioned by the Guardini Stiftung, premiered November 2009 in Berlin by Burkhard von Puttkamer, Women of the Lichtenberger Kantatenchors (Matthias Elger, cond.) and Lothar Knappe, 11’

Confiteantur tibi (Psalm 67) op.17 for Women’s or Men’s Chorus and Organ, premiered May 2009 in Berlin by the Frauen-Vokalensemble St. Matthaeus (Lothar Knappe, cond.) and Ulrich Luedering, 5’

Speculum vitae op.7 (Bible texts) for Mixed Chorus, premiered May 1996 in Berlin by the ars-nova-ensemble Berlin (Peter Schwarz, cond.), 11’

Secrets (Ott) for Boys’ Choir and Piano, ~10’


The Common Good op.4 (libretto by the composer), ~90’


Foster Revisited Eight songs of Stephen Foster arranged for piano and voice.

A different Strummer Manual for beginners on and those returning to the guitar.

Compositional work for the Stuttgart Ballet and the Opera Bonn (Ballet), as well as arrangements for the Theatre of the West in Berlin; settings of various religious songs and, further, a number of very early works from before 1980.


Sonata IX op.1 (Scriabin/Campbell), 1986, Forberg-Jurgenson, Bonn.

CD Cambiamenti, 2005, (primTON 10373).

Wellenlaengen, Essays on contemporary music including Arvo Pärt, 2011, Frieling-Verlag, Berlin.

Articles in the “Neue Berlinische Musikzeitung (New Berlin Music Magazine)”, 1991-94.